Final Blog Entry

1. My favorite assignment response was my shoot with the Nature and the Presence of People. My favorite of the images were the construction trucks, because I thought it was a strong image about how people affect the world surrounding us. 

2. If I had to go back and re-do an assignment, I would re-do the art portrait. I think that the fictional character one came out fine, but the art portrait I would rather take the pictures outside during the spring so that there would be an interesting background incorporating nature. I would use a lower aperture so that the background would be blurry. I think it would be a cool affect that would really focus on my subject. 

3. I did not shoot often when there was no specific assignment, I did shoot occasionally if I went somewhere outside of Acton. 

4. I would like assignments that were taking pictures in the city. Also, a cool long term project throughout the year would be to take a picture of the same thing to see change or growth. 


Questions for Hockney Response

1. David Hockney is a English photographer who creates collage out of many photos, it creates very interesting artistic images. 

2. None of Hockney’s photos inspired me specifically, but rather the overall broad idea of combining photos inspired me. 

3. I created a twist on the Hockney style of an image montage but making it more nature based, and to make it include more vivi colors 

4. I took many photos of a specific bush in front of my house. Next I took a close up image of the flowers and set it as the background. I also lowered the opacityso the focus would be on the collage.  Next I placed the photos together in order to create a uniform image. 

5. If I were to re shoot this I would take more images of a larger area to make a larger more complex photo. I would also change it to taking photos of a landscape in broad daylight


Hockney Inspired Collage 


Eyewitness photo group

1. The “event” that I chose to photograph was a soccer team sleepover. 

2. I hoped to communicate to the viewer that really anything can happen when a bunch of teenage girls get together and that really any mood and action can be captured unexpectedly. Also, in the shot with my friend (black and white) I wanted to  capture how fierce she was looking. The moment in which I captured it she was happy but that split second I captured her stare. I feel like the black and white effect intensified her strong stare. I wanted to capture how puppies play as well, and the typical “lax bro”. 

3. I wish I could’ve have created a picture with my entire team going crazy after eating a lot of junk food. I could’ve have taken that picture, but I did not want to get the camera wet since most of the girls, including myself, were swimming. 

4. The surprising shot that I captured was the one where my friend is staring deeply into the camera. I was really surprised because a few seconds prior my friend had been laughing her head off and jumping on a trampoline, so it was interesting to see her have that serious face for a split second that I happened to catch. 



1.  The title of my images are Who’s the Bear? and Message in a Bottle 

2. The image with the bear is all of my photos just layered on top of each other. The other image the only image that is mine is my brother. 

3. My goal was to make the roles of a teddy bear and a child switch and for my brother to seem like he is floating in an ocean. 

4. During this unit, I learned the new Photoshop feature of changing opacity and flattening layers. 

5. My favorite part of my photo was how my brother with the teddy bear came out. I really liked how it came out because I thought it came out realistically. Also, I like how it makes people think of how the world might be switched. What if humans were the teddy bears? 

6. I could use improvement on erasing around images to make it more realistic. Also,  I needed to not change the hue of my brother’s shirt when he is in the bottle. I forgo I could have increased the green in the image. 

7. If I had to start over I would have taken the images with my brother and the bear at a time of day when the shadow is behind them and not visible. 

8. One piece of peer critque I used is to change the shadowing on my brother’s legs in the bear image. Changing the shadow of that area made it look more realistic and more believable.